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From the GROUNDS of Los Angeles, CA ONGROUNDCLOTHING was established in 2012 by then 14 year old, Liv (pictured).  A line of t-shirts combining pop culture and sports with motorcycle based themes targeting the urban motorcycle rider. Liv hit the GROUND selling her high quality t-shirts at motorcycle events in CA and surrounding states.  With a veriety of colors and relevant sayings, OGC generated a following of loyal customers who dawned her designs.


As word spread and the popularity of ONGROUND grew, t-shirts began being shipped around the country and internationaly through social media outlets. By 2013 hats were incorperated and ONGROUNDCLOTHING was being carried in retail stores in California, Seattle, Chicago and Japan.


In 2014 ONGROUND introduced, Ride.  A division of ONGROUNDCLOTHING, Ride is a campaign that hopes to encourage you to do just that. Whether it be motorcyles, bicycles, skateboards or surfboards, Ride. Today Ride hats and tees are being spotted at motorcycle events, BMX tracks, skate parks and beaches.  The ONGROUND name has taken on new life and additional meaning as it relates to our brand, "urban or street."

We understand that we are not reinventing the wheel and there are countless clothing lines to choose from but we are confident that our t-shirts and hats are some of the most appropriate garments for the way of life that we promote and thats to LIVE LIFE ONGROUND.

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